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Xbox One will not have ads, but will still allow promotions

by on July 4, 2013


Xbox One to not have ads on home screen.

Xbox One to not have ads on home screen.

NeoGAF brought our attention to a bit of good news regarding Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One. This news? The Xbox One won’t have ads on the home screen.

This news was taken when Microsoft was asked bluntly. Asked the interviewer, “Will there be advertisements built into the dashboard like Xbox 360? How many?”

Microsoft answered, “We designed the Xbox One dashboard to make your favorite games and entertainment even more front and center. Advertisements will not be visible on the home screen, so you only see what’s most important to you.”

So there we go. One complaint gamers had regarding the Xbox 360 was the innundation of ads on the home screen. It appears that the newest console from Microsoft won’t be as bad, at least, as the 360 was. Indeed, if the answer is true, then we won’t see any ads, which is always a good thing.

Will Microsoft’s answer prove to be true, or will they “Change their mind” at the last minute?

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