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access_time July 4, 2013 at 2:00 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

Sony believes the PS4 will take them back to their “original roots”


Andrew House, SCE president, has said that the PS4 takes Sony back to it’s roots, according to The Guardian.

With many of the new features on the next generation gaining the headlines, House himself believes the PS4 is more akin to the early Sony consoles. He said, “I see our approach on PS4 as really taking Sony Computer Entertainment back to our original roots.”

He went on to say, “When we first launched with the PS1 and certainly the PS2, the goal was to give the consumer more choice, and lots of flexibility at a time when the delivery mechanism of games, on cartridges, placed a lot of restrictions on the industry.” This choice seems to be emphasised by the decision not to bundle the new PlayStation Camera with the PS4, significantly reducing the price. Despite the fact that it provides, “great consumer experiences,” House said that Sony was not, “forcing that purchase on the consumer.”

At E3 House revealed Sony’s philosophy that the consumer is king. When talking about the Microsoft U-turn on DRM he said, “What you saw coming from gamers is not just, in my view, the views of the vocal minority. It became an expression of a little bit of concern bubbling up around the subject of what ownership means in an age of digital content overall.” With this and Sony’s previous comments on used-games, this is positive for the vast majority of gamers.

House also underlined Sony’s approach to developers by saying, “We have a new development environment, that developers are telling us is significantly easier to make great games for, and we’ve undertaken a significant amount of outreach to smaller developers.” This approach was much applauded during the PS4 reveal event and at E3 by both critics and fans alike.

Via GamesIndustry


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