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access_time July 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

The Denpa Men gets a third entry

Denpa Men 3 makes its way to 3DS.

Denpa Men 3 makes its way to 3DS.

Today, 4GamerMovie released a trailer on Youtube showcasing a quirky RPG titled The Denpa Men. Or, more accurately, the trailer showcases the third entry in the RPG franchise.

For those that haven’t played the previous two entries, in Denpa Men, you capture the Denpa Men in order to form a party. Once your party is formed, you will be able to explore dungeons.

As far as how you capture them, it takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’s camera. While using it, thse Denpa Men will appear in your surroundings (providing you are either A. Near a wi-fi signal, or B. scanning a QR code). You need to capture these by utilizing the camera. Each Denpa man has a different name, color, appearance, and even abilities.

In the dungeons, combat is not random, and follows the traditional RPG formula. It includes an auto-battle option, and utilizes common RPG elements such as treasure chests, item shops, and NPCs, or non-player characters.

The game is set for release on August 7, with a possible North America release sometime in the future.


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