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access_time July 3, 2013 at 6:00 AM in Nintendo by Ramon Aranda

Preview | Wii Party U


While there are plenty of first-party titles from Nintendo that are getting the bulk of the attention for the Wii U, there are in fact other lesser hyped projects that are in the works.  One such game is Wii Party U, which is a sequel to the Wii title that included a ton of mini games and a controller.


No, there isn’t a controller coming with Wii Party U, but the game is shaping up to be an enjoyable endeavor. I recently sat down with Nintendo to get my hands on the game, and to play four particular mini-games.  The first such game was Foosball, which turned the GamePad into a tabletop and let each player control their side by simply using the analog sticks.  Flicking the sticks upward made a kicking motion, while moving it side to side was used to move each row of footballers. The game was quick to play but kinda fun and makes for a decent distraction for some quick gaming.

Next up was a mini-game called Name That Face, which was probably the coolest one of the bunch.  In this game, there was one player who looked into the GamePad and was told to make a face that represented what was being displayed on the screen.  The one I was given was to make a face as if I was told to eat garbage. After I made the face, the other players in the room had to guess from four options as to which face I was making.  Those who guessed right got points, as did I.  To win, you need to have the most points and it pays to have at least one player figure out what face you were making.  I could see this mini-game being a popular one with gamers who end up picking up Wii Party U.

I also ended up playing this tank game, where one player controlled a large tank that moved slowly but could unleash multiple shots, while other players controlled smaller tanks that were fast but shot slowly.  One shot from the large tank could take out the smaller ones, but from the few sessions we played, the small tanks kept winning as it was hard to aim with the larger one.  The game was OK but definitely not one I would see myself playing much.


Nintendo plans on having a large variety of mini-games for Wii Party U, and while it’s still too early to tell if the collection will be any good, we’re sure they’ll prove popular for the casual crowd.


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