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access_time July 2, 2013 at 11:45 PM in Culture by Tony

The Halo 4UM: #5


After E3, anticipation for upcoming Halo games is definitely soaring. Not to say it hasn’t been already. So welcome to another set of all Halo 4 discussion, where I frequently complain about things that are missing or wrong with 343’s incredibly hard work. No offense to them, but it is sort of the fans’ job. So! Let’s have a rant.

Forge. The feature that made Halo my definitively favorite video game of all time, allowing for literally infinite number of gametypes and locales to battle in. Similar to Minecraft, forge allows for fans to invent their own things to do in the game, and I believe strongly that forge should become a far more integral piece of the Matchmaking system and should definitely receive more attention than the rushed job 343 supplied us with in their first outing. Forge feels more like an add-on in Halo 4, but I could go on and on about what its troubles are, not the least of which is how frustrating it is that 5x5s and Coliseum Walls aren’t actually flat and don’t have straight edges.

Next, here’s a little issue with Matchmaking. Yes, another one, and it isn’t join-in-progress again. There’s a major problem with the “random” team-organizing. I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but the permutations of the grouping are seriously flawed. For whatever reason, there appears to be a lack of evenly distributed teams. Nine out of ten times, people with maxed out levels end up all on one team. For me, anyway. I feel that an improvement to the matchmaking system would include a set internal design for all players at equivalent levels to be grouped together. For example, everyone at Level 50 fights everyone else at Level 50. Everyone at 130 fights level 130. This will create a more balanced game people are less likely to leave in the first place.


Ahem, attention 343: get on that Theater mode and for God’s sake make it easier to fast forward and rewind without restarting your film or watching 20 minutes of gameplay for that one awesome clip you want!! What decade are we living in? This has to be an easy feature to include in following games.

Bring back race mode so we don’t have to make it ourselves, and fix the voting system. I hate it when I get out-voted into playing a game I don’t want to, like Slayer Pro or Infinity Slayer.

They’re totally different games, the former being extremely reliant on team-oriented strategy and communication. Whereas in Infinity Slayer, one person can really make a difference, with that radar. The only way we should get out-voted is into a Map we don’t want to be. But at least you’ll be playing the game that you want. It takes an eternity to get into a game in the first place.


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