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access_time July 2, 2013 at 2:20 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

State of Decay’s latest patch causes console freezes

Undead Labs asks for players to help pinpoint cause of freezes.

Undead Labs asks for players to help pinpoint cause of freezes.

Recently, Undead Labs released a patch that fixed screen tearing (and offered several other improvements) to the popular zombie survival simulation, State of Decay. Today, as reported by OXM, Undead Labs has reached out to players in an attempt to gain info about a new problem that has arisen with the patch, namely console freezing.

The official forum post stated that, “This is not easy to track down. There is nothing consistent in the reports and other than the game crashing it appears to just happen at random. It could be hardware failure inside the Xbox, it could be the power supply is failing, it could be a bad sector on the hard drive (uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t fix that, as it would install back to the same place), it could be things are overheating inside (putting your hand on the Xbox cannot always tell you if something is overheating inside).

Now, that said, I’m not automatically blaming this on hardware failure. To find what is causing this, we need to find the common element. I’ve been reading this post, pulling my hair out and contacting MS. I would recommend you do the same in addition to helping me out with information on what console your running on. If this is something we can fix, we would love to.”

So if you’re one of the game’s players and you are experiencing this issue, please, share any information you can. If Undead Labs can pinpoint the common cause, they should be able to fix it (assuming it is not hardware failure), and the gamers suffering from freezes can continue to enjoy the game.


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