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access_time July 2, 2013 at 1:10 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

Randy Pitchford forced to defend Aliens: Colonial Marines after Twitter argument


Randy Pitchford, Gearbox president, has got himself involved in a Twitter dispute with followers over the state of Aliens: Colonial Marines, CVG reports.

The argument started after Pitchford linked to a story about free-to-play games and commented, “Our industry should exist to entertain and inspire, not to exploit.” This led to many fans questioning his sentiment after the final version of Aliens and the demo version that was shown earlier in it’s development.

He was forced to tweet replies to several commentators saying, “The intent was to entertain. If that did not succeed with you, that was a failure but not a trick.” To another tweet he replied, “You honestly cannot tell the difference between intent to entertain you and intent to exploit you?”

When the question of whether the demo for Aliens could be seen as less than honest he said, “A false demo created after product was finished would be dishonest,” adding, “To share intent with work-in-progress should be encouraged!” This is despite Sega acknowledging that the adverts were, “inaccurate” and promising to mark the footage as, “demo versions” back in April.


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