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EA Sports stopped developing for Facebook and Wii U for a lack of userbase


A lack of a userbase can kill a platform for publishers looking to reach a huge audience.  The sports division of one of those big publishers, Electronic Arts, isn’t finding success on Facebook or Wii U and has stopped developing for them.

In an interview with MCV UK, EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson said, “I build for a userbase. I made games on Facebook because I thought people were there that wanted to play them. Then it became apparent to me that either I had the wrong game or they weren’t there. We had a strong offering on Wii U at launch. The platform hasn’t had the take-up. Our games hasn’t had the take-up we’d have liked. So at this moment we are not focused there.”

“Now they could do a range of things that might change that situation, and we’d never count them out. And should there be a sizeable gamer base there in the future, we would build games for Wii U. But for us it’s less about building for a platform, and more about building for a group of gamers on a platform where they are. And sports gamers weren’t there.”

Wilson said EA Sports’ goals on the next-generation consoles, where a low userbase is almost by definition, is “not to screw up.”

It looks like EA Sports has chosen what risks to take, and has put its confidence in Microsoft and Sony.

Source: MCV UK


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