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Sim City gets a new piece of $9 DLC

by on July 1, 2013
Sim City Airships DLC hits today.

Sim City Airships DLC hits today.

Today, EA added a new piece of Sim City downloadable content to the Origin store. This new content will cost $9 and adds two things; An airship mooring and balloons.

This announcement has actually caused several gamers, many of who had initially been angry with the game due to the problems it experienced at launch (their anger died down somewhat recently, though many are still upset at having to pay full retail for a game that requires a constant internet connection), to renew their anger.

These fans are becoming angry again for one simple reason: They feel that the addition of airships and some balloons do not warrant a $9 price tag. One gamer protested that it is a piece of DLC that companies ordinarily wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) charge more than $3 for, while others feel like it just doesn’t add anything substantial for the price.

Will the (perhaps inevitable) backlash cause Sim City to suffer a loss of gamers? How much should EA have charged for this DLC?

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