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access_time July 1, 2013 at 6:40 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

David Cage’s take on comedy proves a hit with The Dark Sorcerer


David Cage, the mercurial creator of Heavy Rain and Farenheit, has been talking about the 12 minute tech demo The Dark Sorcerer.

Cage was talking about the design of the tech demo and the desire to create a comedy. After the drama of the previous demo, Kara, Cage said the team were ready to try something new, “there is one emotion that very few people tried in the past, in realtime 3D. It’s comedy.”

He also confirmed that the team will be using the tech in their new game – though it won’t be based on The Dark Sorcerer. According to VG24/7 he said, “We usually use these shorts just to use the technology and test the tech we are going to use in the next projects…But before working on The Dark Sorcerer we thought, ‘OK, what else can we do with this tech?'”

For those of us excited by the prospect of a Quantic Dream comedy game, Cage also confirmed that the engine is still in it’s infancy. “The PS4 engine used for The Dark Sorcerer is only in its first iteration and most of the features scheduled for the final version of the engine haven’t yet been implemented. This demo is only a first test that is well below the visual quality we hope to achieve in our next game.”


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