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access_time July 1, 2013 at 1:06 AM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Buy or Sell: PS4, Xbox One, Vita, Super Mario 3D World

Microsoft claims that Xbox One games will be playable after servers shut down.

Microsoft’s 180 on the issues of used games and a need to check for online connectivity on the Xbox One was surprising.

Todd Vote: Sell. I don’t think there is anyway they could have not reversed their decision. It was a very welcome announcement, and one that let me finally realize that I can own the Xbox One, and have my Killer Instinct, and not feel like a douche for letting Microsoft step all over my consumer rights. If I am buying any one part of this, it is the fact that they reversed the decision so quickly.

Ryan Bates: Buy.  I was certain that Microsoft was going to run this bus into a cargo plane at LAX before they dare dropped the bus below 50 mph. From “Always-On” Adam Orth to “backwards-compatibility is backwards thinking,” Microsoft’s attitude for the Xbox has been one of “You mad, bro?” And the answer was “Yes, bro, we’re mad.” Not that Microsoft cared. Apparently Big Green realized that gamers were seriously angry, and it wasn’t just fanboy rage, which shows that they have a modicum of sense left somewhere in their Washington campus. It may be too little too late, but it shows that there’s still a small possibility of hope left.

PlayStation 4 pulls ahead of Xbox One in pre-orders (UK).

The fact that the PS4 is $100 cheaper is enough of a reason for you to prefer one over the Xbox One.

Todd Vote: Sell. Not really. $100 is a decent chunk of money, but not enough of a deal breaker to make me hop on the PS4. Ideally I would like to have both systems, but the fact that all of the people I play with are going with the Xbox One. There is something to be said about that, plus the exclusives that Microsoft has coming out are more up my alley. Not to say the PS4 exclusives look bad, quite the contrary.

Ryan Bates: Sell. I was hoping that a price cut would be a part of the Xbox One-Eighty, but alas. The price point isn’t enough of a reason alone to prefer PS4 to XB1, but the price point along with Sony’s gamer-positive attitude and policies and Sony’s exclusives, that’s enough.

Miyamoto feels showing Zelda would remove attention from games coming out earlier, such as Pikmin 3.

Nintendo’s strong first-party offerings for the Wii U for the fall, will lead to a surge in 3rd party titles for early 2014.

Todd Vote: Sell. Well I suppose it could, given that the strong slate of first-party titles lead to an increase of consoles sold. But I don’t see that happening. My guess is the people who bought the Wii U did so with the hopes of all the awesome first-party titles they would be getting, thus having a solid line-up isn’t going to be enough to make third-party developers take a sudden interest.

Ryan Bates: Buy. All studios need to do is give the Wii U more consideration to push it to the limits. I’m looking specifically at Bayonetta 2 – if that does well, more studios will consider porting games to the Wii U, truly making it a console for everyone. But great performances from Super Mario 3D WorldMario Kart 8, combined with Ubisoft’s WATCH_DOGS and Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut should get the system moving fast.


Sony should just give up on handhelds.

Todd Vote: Sell. Nah, not with the new Cross-Play thing they are working on. Though I am still not sure about the idea of requiring developers to include it in every game, it could end up being a good thing for the PS Vita in the long run.

Ryan Bates: Buy. The two competitors on the handheld market are Nintendo and mobile games. Sony needs to focus on their other consoles and electronics. It’s not like the Vita is vital to Sony’s survival.


You’re excited about Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Ryan Bates: Sell. I’m interested, for sure, but I’m not lining up to get my pre-order yet. I want to know more about it; Tom Clancy titles are bordering on Call of Duty repetitive, so I want to make sure it’s not more of the same. To be fair, I didn’t have much time with it at E3, so I can’t say if I think it’s good or bad, but I do want to know more about this storyline.

Todd Vote: Buy. I didn’t hear much about the game during E3, which surprised me. I happened to stumble on the video for the game after the show. I was blown away. At first I thought it was a single player squad based game… Then as it kept going, I thought it was a co-op squad game. Finally they revealed that it will be an MMO. I’ve never had any experience at all with MMOs, but I am willing to give them a try, and The Division looks awesome.


You would’ve preferred for Nintendo to develop a new Super Mario Galaxy as opposed to Super Mario 3D World.

Ryan Bates: Sell. Variety is the spice of life, and the Mario franchise knows this. We claim we’re tired of the same ol’ Call of Duty, the same ol’ Madden, the same ol’ same ol’. It’s amazing that for over 30 years now, Mario has avoided the same fate, but it’s because they change it up before it gets tired. There may be a Super Mario Galaxy 3 in the future, but for right now, let’s let Rosalina and the Lumas rest for a minute, and play with our new Cat suit.

Todd Vote:  Sell. Honestly, the last Mario game I played extensively was Super Mario 64. I still love the character, but I only briefly played Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube, which happens to be the last Nintendo console I owned. So which way they go with Mario is of little concern to me these days, sadly.


  • Chris Bores July 1, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    Have to disagree with the Nintendo Bashing here. The whole reason I’m getting a Wii-U is for Mario 3d. That game was super impressive at E3.

    • Todd Vote July 2, 2013 at 10:31 AM

      Nobody really bashed Nintendo… What are you taking as Nintendo bashing? if it was something I said, I am more than happy to clear things up.

      • ubernaut July 3, 2013 at 3:28 PM

        well you did seem to be dumping on their prospects a bit. For instance i agree with your Mario 3D comment 100% until the last sentence. Galaxy basically got me to stop playing Mario but this new game is the most interesting new Mario game i’ve seen in some time, it reminds me more of Mario 64 then anything i’ve seen since. In fact if you looked at it like the difference between SMB and SMB2 (us version) i’d say Mario 3D is the the sequel to 64 we never got.

        • Todd Vote July 5, 2013 at 8:19 AM

          Apologies if anything I said come off as Nintendo bashing. One thing I’ve learned in all my years as a gamer is to never ever count out Nintendo.

  • Ryan Bates July 2, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    I think that comment belongs to you, Todd… lol!

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