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Bioshock 2 creative director leaves Take-Two

by on July 1, 2013


Jordan Thomas, creative director for Bioshock 2, is leaving Take-Two. Thomas says that his departure will not in any way affect the development of The Bureau. Thomas apparently had stopped working on the project back in 2012.

As to where he will be going, Thomas isn’t exactly sharing the details. The new developer that he will be joining is an indie company though. His decision to leave Take-Two came after the completion of Bioshock Infinite. Thomas says that he wanted to make something on his own. His idea is to take Thief and Bioshock and give them a “radically different focus”.

It cemented for me that while BioShock spoke to me, it’ll never be for me what it is for Ken. I’ve expanded that legacy here and there, but I could never have created it from scratch. I need to build something that is, to me, what BioShock is to Ken. No matter how long it takes, I have to start now.

It seems like everyone is moving on from their current positions. Just today it was announced that Don Mattrick, Xbox President, will be leaving the company to join Zynga as their new CEO.



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