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Fez creator upset after Microsoft stops charging for patches

Fez creator states Microsoft didn't tell developers about new patch policy.

Fez creator states Microsoft didn’t tell developers about new patch policy.

It was reported today on Kotaku that the Indie developer that created the Xbox 360 and PC game Fez is upset after Microsoft confirmed that they stopped charging developers for patches back in April.

Phil Fish, head of Polytron, had decided in the past not to fix a game-breaking bug in their title Fez because Microsoft would charge “Tens of thousands of dollars” to implement it. They had previously used their one free patch to attempt to fix another bug (though reports indicate that this patch only made things worse and it was subsequently removed by Microsoft), and decided not to incur the cost since it “Affects less than 1% of Fez players”.

This patch issue actually soured Fish’s relationship with Microsoft, and when asked what platforms Fez 2 will be on, he emphatically stated , “Not Xbox.”

When Fish was told about the removal of patch charges by Microsoft, he was a bit surprised and upset. “You forgot to tell people,” he stated, adding, “I’ve been hearing this rumor for months. Microsoft never told us anything about it.” He went on to state that he will be checking if the policy would affect previous titles, though he stated that he doubts this will be the case.

Will Fez finally get a patch that will fix the rare, game-breaking bug? Or will the policy still charge for titles released prior to it being implemented?


  • Ramon Aranda June 29, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    Quite frankly, I’m sick of Phil Fish. Could care less if he patches Fez.

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