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access_time June 28, 2013 at 5:43 AM in Audio by Charlie Grammer

Game music artists aim to give gaming music the recognition it deserves

New Kickstarter aims to give gaming music the recognition it deserves.

New Kickstarter aims to give gaming music the recognition it deserves.

Rik Ede and several other artists that have worked in/on gaming music have decided to start a brand new Kickstarter in an attempt to get gaming music (and sounds) the recognition that it truly deserves.

The Kickstarter, titled Heroes of Video Game Music, aims to remedy what the starters feel is something that is sorely underappreciated. Says the Kickstarter page, “Music and sound design is something that’s close to my heart, especially when it’s used to bring video games to life. We’ve come a very long way since the early electronic bleeps of the first home consoles, and the games produced today boast stunning surround sound and fully orchestral scores that rival anything found in the movies.”

They go on to add, “But for some reason, game audio is still something that’s not really recognised for what it is – an incredibly creative and often technologically challening process that greatly determines how much a player is engaged and immersed in their game.”

Though some may believe that the above statement is exaggerating music’s impact in games, it is actually true, if you think about it. How many times have you had a bad sound or piece of music distract you from enjoying a game?

Will they be able to reach their  £7,000 goal? With 30 days left and £1,426 pledged, it seems like they will, but could something unexpected happen to cause them to fall short?


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