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Data suggests Xbox 360 games without demos sell more than those with demos

by on June 28, 2013


Analytics firm EEDAR has found data that shows Xbox 360 games without demos but launch trailers sell twice the amount of those with demos and a trailer.

Game designer Jesse Schell presented the data during an industry keynote at the Gamelab conference in Barcelona on Friday.

“Average” Xbox 360 games without demos but have a launch trailer on average sell about 525,000 units after six months. “Average” Xbox 360 games with a demo and a trailer on average sell about 250,000 units.

This data is not definitive though. Nothing points to the demos being the specific thing that reduces sales. There’s tons of other factors that could affect the data. Also big games like Call of Duty don’t usually release demos until several months after the game’s release.

The data does suggest its important for developers to carefully judge whether or not its cost-effective to work on a demo of a game.

Digital games and services like PlayStation 4’s Gaikai could affect the data too.

Source: CVG

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