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access_time June 27, 2013 at 8:25 AM in Culture by Tony

Wishlist #4: Sequels Wanted!

Well hey there folks, here’s some sequels to video games that I’d really enjoy. Previously, I’ve mentioned Movies, TV Shows, and Graphic Novels that would all be great to suddenly zap into existence–but what about pre-existing games that deserved sequels but got snubbed? Well here’s five of ’em.

1.)    Crazy Taxi 4


Supposedly, if one is to believe Wikipedia—that treasury of accurate news—Crazy Taxi’s series will become available online for PS3 and the Xbox 360. Hopefully it would revitalize the series, since I feel that with today’s technology, an innovative new game could branch out the existing universe into a new success. Someone somewhere has got to be able to make this happen. Previous additions to the high-octane game have all been wonderful improvements, and it’d be great to see how developers could expand on the series’ strengths. It was very popular, but disappeared by the time Xbox 360 came about.


2.)    Star Trek Into Darkness


For goodness’ sake, let there be a truly entertaining game based on JJ Abrams’ Star Trek series. After a film as fun and grandiose as Into Darkness, strengthened by the continued internal trek across the characters, all the elements are here to do everything the first Star Trek game did not. There’s a lot to make up for, but after the incredibly vocal bashing both critics and fans gave the first installment, now the developers will either know what to fix or not have the brass to compensate our hopes. The potential has never been higher, not to mention Abrams’ capacity for making adaptations of equally intelligent and entertaining concoctions.


3.)    JSRF 2


Well, you all must know by now what a fan I am of the original. The only other game I’ve played as much as the original JSRF is the Halo series. And that’s because the latter continued on. The bizarre gameplay of JSRF is wholly addicting, and with the plot leaving off with a cliffhanger for a sequel, I can’t believe it never garnered the funding. It’s a cult classic, but if only we could get more exposure for it—like the possibility of a re-release for Xbox 360, or possibly even Xbox One now, I can almost guarantee a renewed interest.


4.)    Injustice 2


I foresee this as DC’s response to Marvel vs. Capcom. Just like the cinematic universe, you know? The latter managed to pursue ever further installments that were just as great, since the source material is so abundant—as is their fanbase. Despite a brilliant plot, Injustice’s roster just doesn’t match up to most fighting games these days. If they found a means to sustain the blunt impact of the original’s success, and translate that into a new story, the video game industry finally has its congruent Man of Steel. I for one know that there’s loads more characters we fans would enjoy playing as, and from here, the developers can only improve. This suggestion is also most likely to come to fruition, thanks to the success of the first game, which shamed MK vs. DC even more.

5.)    The Legend of Korra


The existing video game adventures of The Last Airbender, a fantastic television show for just about any age—thanks to inventive, creative characters and the spirituality of martial arts successfully fusing American animation with Anime—have ultimately been successful on the Wii. I see no reason whatsoever that Korra shouldn’t get her own series, and hopefully pursue cross-platform releases. The animation and controls have always been acclaimed in the Avatar-verse, and as technology improves and ever-powerful engines allow for groundbreaking games, Korra would fit in quite snugly.


And that’s that, gamers! Hope you enjoyed–and read it–and there’s more to come. Now go froth over all that E3 news, like the rest of us!


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