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Report: Microsoft cuts patch fees for Xbox 360 developers

by on June 27, 2013


Developers won’t have to spend the costly $40,000 each time it issues a patch for their Xbox 360 games, reports Eurogamer.

“Multiple development sources” told Eurogamer that Microsoft no longer charges developers an update fee for their Xbox 360 games. The policy change was made earlier this year.

Before developers launch their games on Xbox 360, they must pay a fee to go through Microsoft’s certification process. Microsoft covers the price of re-certification after the first title update, but any further updates, according to Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Polytron’s Phil Fish, cost $40,000. Both Schafer and Fish have complained about the cost to patch Xbox 360 games in the past. Polyton’s Fez had a game-breaking bug for a small minority of players but was unable to patch it because of the high price.

It’s interesting to note the report only names the Xbox 360. If true, for a few years this would make it easier on developers, but eventually Microsoft will shift all of its focus on to Xbox One, where Microsoft hasn’t said anything about certification fees.

Source: Eurogamer

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