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Double Fine’s Massive Chalice is massively overfunded

by on June 27, 2013
Massive Chalice is overfunded.

Massive Chalice is overfunded.

As our pals  at Destructoid pointed out to us today, Double Fine’s upcoming game, Massive Chalice is massively overfunded.

The game, which had a Kickstarter goal of $725,000, gained a total of $1,229,015, reaching more than half a million USD over it’s goal, and officially making the game “Massively overfunded”.

Though Double Fine took a bit of  criticism for launching another Kickstarter before delivering it’s former Kickstarter, Broken Age, they were still able to reach their goal. So now Double Fine has two games that fans of the company are looking forward to. With the two games having been successfully funded, Double Fine has quite a few expectations to live up to.

Will Massive Chalice be released before the previous Kickstarter, Broken Age? Or will Broken Age finally be released before the second Kickstarter? Will the two games live up to the expectations that backers of Double Fine have for the company? Or will they fall short?

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