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access_time June 27, 2013 at 2:30 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

CounterSpy trailer reveals unique espionage action for PSN


With all the hype at E3 it’s easy to see how some great games could get overlooked, and CounterSpy looks like it may be one of them.

The PSN title is an action shooter set, “in the world of international espionage.” With a style that looks like a cross between GoldenEye and Team Fortress, the indie title from Dynamighty has a unique visual look. The game will be playable on PS3, PS Vita and even on PlayStation certified mobile devices, perhaps offering us a first look at how mobiles will be compatible with next generation consoles.

In a blog on US PS Blog site, David Nottingham, the lead designer at Dynamighty has also been talking about Sony’s indie support, a key policy at E3. He said, “The Indie love from Sony was really palpable and it was great to see so many awesome titles from small teams next to the big budget stuff.” It seems like Sony is definitely winning over some of the smaller developers.


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