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Cerny: PS4 as friendly to developers as the original PlayStation

by on June 27, 2013


Mark Cerny, the key systems architect for PS4, has said that Sony’s next generation console will be as easy for developers to code for as the original PlayStation was.

Cerny made the remarks whilst giving a keynotes address at the GameLab expo in Barcelona. He explained that the “time to triangle” – the time it took for developers to create graphics with the hardware – was only 1 to 2 months with the PS4. In comparison the PS2 took 3 – 6 months and the PS3 took 6 – 12 months. Sony’s bespoke approach the PS3 is a factor often cited when talking about the lower quality of games that were on offer during the first few years of it’s lifespan.

CVG reports that Cerny explained even first-party developers were having a difficult time getting to grips with PS3 and, “The third party teams were having an even more difficult time.” Cerny claims that Sony have listened to the developers this time around and created a machine which helps them. “The straightforward approach we have gives us excellent day one performance,” he said.

This ease to develop for the PS4 means that “vital” third party, and particularly indie, developers will benefit from the machine, Cerny claims. Certainly all the talk since the PS4 was revealed back in February has been how Sony have listened to their partners and consulted them in designing the machine, with indie developers especially impressed.

How this corresponds to launch games will be seen in just a few months’ time.

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