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A week later, Sony issues PlayStation 3 firmware v4.45 fix

by on June 27, 2013


A little more than a week later, Sony is finally issuing a fix for those who had an unusable console after downloading PlayStation 3 firmware v4.45. Firmware v4.46 is available today via Sony’s website, and must be installed through a USB flash drive.

Sony’s website has the complete instructions on how to install the update.

For PlayStation 3 consoles that don’t lock up at the startup screen, firmware v4.46 will be available through a normal system update.

Sony pulled firmware v4.45 after several players reported their consoles were unable to boot past the initial startup screen.

Firmware v4.46 includes the ability to hide PlayStation Trophy notifications.

Sony has had problems with firmware updates “bricking” consoles in the past.

With the PlayStation 4 coming soon, Sony has been finding its stride with people who play games, but it’s a bit worrisome if it still can’t handle firmware updates on a 7-year-old system.

Source: PlayStation

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