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access_time June 26, 2013 at 7:59 PM in Movies by Charlie Grammer

Korean movie trailer is accused of ripping off Battlefield 3


Korean movie appears to be ripping off Battlefield 3.

Korean movie appears to be ripping off Battlefield 3.

Kotaku brought our attention to a rather interesting Korean movie trailer today. The trailer is interesting for one main reason: It appears to be ripping off the popular game, Battlefield 3.

Several factors of the movie (The Terror Live) trailer are accused of ripping off the game’s trailer. The first thing that is pointed out is The Terror Live’s music. Viewers have noted that it sounds extremely close to Battlefield 3 in terms of style and buildup.

The second thing viewers have accused the trailer of ripping off from Battlefield 3 are the title’s presentation (termed by some as the title credits). This also appears to be extremely similar to the game’s title, causing many to feel like the movie may just be a gigantic ripoff of the game.

The movie’s developer defended the trailer, stating, “The Terror Live has elements in which a terrorist act is being covered live, and this could be similar to video games. Thus, since the movie tried to convey same feeling you get from video games through sound, it may have ended up evoking a similar sensation.””

Are the similarities too numerous to be passed off as a “Similar sensation”?


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