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access_time June 26, 2013 at 8:26 PM in PC/Mac by Andrew Kent

Final Fantasy VII Steam database entry found


It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when we heard whispers of Final Fantasy VII coming to the Steam platform. However we really didn’t hear much concerning the title’s PC release, until now. It seems that NeoGAF user Grief.exe has uncovered a Steam database entry for Final Fantasy VII along with achievements. The title has been a fan favorite and re-releases for old and popular games always tend to get fans racing for their wallets. As the saying goes: “Shut up and take my money!”

The database listing and achievements are below:


  • name”: “WON_1ST_BATTLE”
  • “name”: “GET_GOLD_CHOCOBO”
  • “name”: “GET_VINCENT_IN_TEAM”
  • “name”: “GET_YUFFIE_IN_TEAM”
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_YUFFIE”,
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_VINCENT”
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_AERITH”,
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_BARRET”,
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_TIFA”,
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_CAITSITH”
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_REDXIII”
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_CLOUD”
  • “name”: “USE_1ST_LIMIT_CID”
  • “name”: “MASTER_ALL_MATERIA”
  • “name”: “LEVEL_UP_MATERIA_LVL5″
  • “name”: “BEAT_RUBY_WEAPON”
  • “name”: “END_OF_GAME”
  • “name”: “GET_99999999_GILS”
  • “name”: “GET_LEVEL_99_WITH_A_CHAR”
  • “name”: “GET_MATERIA_KOTR”



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