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The 2013 E3 Epic Win Awards (part 2)


Part Two of the Epic Win Awards this year focuses on some of the things we saw that made us say “Wow!” or “Yay!” or just “Oh…” Regardless of genre or platform, there were some titles that just grabbed our attention and didn’t let go – be it for distinction or for dubious reasons.

Without further ado, the envelopes, please…


EpicWinTrophyBiggest E3 Surprise

And the Epic Win goes to… Kingdom Hearts III.



Kingdom Hearts III was the title that surprised everyone at E3, even the director, Tetsuya Nomura. Every one to whom we asked, “What do you know about it?” we received the same answer: “Nothing.” To which we responded, “No, really, off the record, what do you know about it?” only to hear “No, really, NOTHING!”

The fact that just a trailer could keep attentions held so tightly in the face of hands-on demos and new consoles is a testament to not the series, but a testament to a secret finally being kept in the gaming industry.


Honorable Mention: Fantasia: Music Evolved, Mirror’s Edge 2



EpicFailTrophyBiggest E3 Flop

And the Epic Fail goes to… Xbox One.



Usually the Flop Epic Fail goes to a peripheral that looks DOA (Sony’s Wonderbook) or to a game that developers think will be a hit but totally binks it in demos or hands-on runs (EA’s Battlefield 4 at the Microsoft briefing comes to mind). But who would have thought it would have gone to an entirely-new console.

Microsoft did what it could to dangle a shiny object in front of everyone’s face – Look at dem vidiya gamez! Look at dem graaaafix! – but continued to be plagued by their torturous reveal, suffocating DRM policies, and unapologetic attitude and disregard for gamers. And for a very brief second we gave them the benefit of the doubt… then they dropped the price point on us, and it was game over. Microsoft was in the toilet for the rest of E3, trying to climb out of this brand-new freshly dug hole, while Nintendo sent up a thankful prayer to the gaming gods, and Sony at that point just spiked the football.

You know it’s a flop when people at E3 start calling the console the Xbox Done.


Honorable Mention: The Wonderful 101



Most Anticipated Title at E3

“Most Anticipated Title” takes into consideration that hands-on demos are awesome. At E3, we love to wrap our hands around a controller and take a game out for a test drive, or jump, or shoot, or what may have you. But not all the awesome games have a demo; sometimes there’s a proctored demo, or just a gameplay movie. This category focuses on games with demos or movies that do not have hands-on demos… or in the case of our winner, even a reveal trailer was enough.




And the Epic Win goes to… Kingdom Hearts III.



[jwplayer config=”16_9 NoAutoPlay” mediaid=”85720″]


When a reveal trailer alone beats out everything else, and becomes one of the most talked about titles on the floor without even a gameplay movie, you know it will be hot. Square Enix has promised more about the title from Tokyo Game Show in September; as of right now, all we can say is what you know is what we know, but if we find anything else out, we’ll be sure to send it your way.


Honorable Mention: Mirror’s Edge 2, Dead Rising 3, Murdered: Soul Suspect



Best Multiplayer Component

Multiplayer, both on- and off-line, is what’s hot in the gaming world. And though we still crave for games with deep, challenging storylines in single-player campaigns, sometimes the victory is more satisfying when it’s against someone you know. Obviously, bragging rights still matter.

Developers are integrating multiplayer components into more than just first-person shooters and sports games as of late – from platforming to puzzler, any genre can have a great multiplayer setup. This category celebrates awesome multiplayer from all across the gaming realm.




And the Epic Win goes to… Destiny.



It’s from Bungie, the same team that made Halo, and published by Activision, most famous of late for the Call of Duty series which redefined multiplayer. This practically is a guarantee that multiplayer will be nothing short of epic. Not a lot was revealed, but what we saw was glorious, and it throws in a factor that CoD:MW3 latest map pack showed: multiplayer doesn’t always need a physical player to present challenges. Destiny promises that both its single-player and multiplayer campaigns will be “alive,” including weather, time mechanisms, and natural disasters.


Honorable Mention: Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, Titanfall.


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