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Review | Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara


When I first had seen this game, it was in the early nineties and I was too busy playing Street fighter II to care about what it had to offer.  As a brand, D&D appealed to me in the sense that it was something that I have played once with my friends and at the time, it was always an empty machine at my local Aladdin’s Castle (Arcade Chain in the nineties). I finally have a chance to explore the game and play it with refreshed eyes. Being a huge fan of RPG/Fantasy I have to be honest about this classic game and address to whether it holds up over the test of time.

What you get when you purchase Dungeons and Dragons: CoM is a couple of game options. Not only you get Shadow Over Mysteria and Battle Tower, but you also get Battle Circuit with the package. Each game has their strengths, but I found the most enjoyment with Shadow Over Mysteria.

SOM is the game that you may find most of your playtime with. It is the best looking, most fluid reincarnation of the original arcade game. You will get to choose your character in classic brawler style and progress through the game beating up your enemies using not only your weapon, but also abilities specific to the character that you choose.  In this play through, you will experience the battles with monsters that are familiar in the sense of D&D.  You will encounter large sprite versions of the Lich and the ever dangerous Dragon from the series.  As you play you will be able to gain experience and loot which will draw you in even more.

248870-hd shadow over mystara

What Capcom had done to update this version is also add a continual progress system that tracks many of the things that you do in the game such as using a certain weapon or how much gold you collect. This will give your experience more longevity as yo play and encourage to explore everything that it has to offer.  One great aspect is that there is a choose your own path format to this game that will branch off at the end of many of the levels.  This will make t so no two of your adventures are alike.

Tower of Doom and Battle Circuit are nice additions to the game but they pale in comparison to all the bells and whistles that exist in SOM. In Tower, it is a similar setup as a brawler but the pace is slower which detracts from some of its fun. But it is good that they incorporated it into this package to shed light on how the series was born.  Battle circuit is feels like a survival mode to me because of the lack of storyline but it is great to team up with people to see how far you can get.

The game is classic and I would not do it justice to give you that piece to chew on in the meantime. The graphics are dated and the gameplay is as well.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad game, its just that if you are expecting to be an innovation on the current brawlers, don’t expect too much.  This was made at a time where micro transactions were at its beginning stages, only charging you $.25 for every 3 lives that you could use. They have done away with those credits and in this game have given you unlimited continues which takes away from the fun of the game because there is no urgency to complete it because you know, that with unlimited continues, you can complete at any time you feel like.


Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy it? Well, that depends, if you have been gaming in the arcades since the early nineties and want a nostalgic game that can take you back there, by all means this is perfect for you. It also has trophies as well as a plethora of content that will keep you entertained for hours.

However, if you are part of this current generation, you will find that the gameplay is repetitive and it can be difficult to see what you are doing because the screen can be a tad crowded at times. the graphics are also classic and not as current as some would hope but this is a faithful recreation of a classic game and it should be treated as such.

Even though this game hits close to home for me, I cannot recommend that you buy it, not because its bad, but because its genre just isn’t as much fun anymore.

Final Score: 3 out of 5


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