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Pre-ordering Gran Turismo 6 will make the game easier

by on June 25, 2013
Gran Turismo's pre-order bonuses may make the game too easy.

Gran Turismo’s pre-order bonuses may make the game too easy.

As our friends at Jalopnik pointed out yesterday, pre-ordering the newest title in the popular Gran Turismo franchise will net you bonuses that will make the game easier.

What are these pre-order bonuses that would make the game so much easier? Well, in the case of Amazon, you instantly gain $1 million in-game credits. The GameStop and general pre-orders may be restricted based on your level in-game or how long you’ve played, however if not, they can also reduce the difficulty by roughly the same amount.

This general pre-order bonus I speak of are four unique cars, specifically a BMW Z4 GT3 racer, a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, a Tesla Model S Performance, and finally, a Corvette C7.  If you get the game from GameStop, you get the above cars, as well as sixteen more free cars.

Will the pre-order bonus cars be available right from the start? If so, how badly will it affect the game in terms of difficulty?

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