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Dark Matter: it’s like Metroid with Resident Evil and crazy lighting.


Kickstarter’s the place to make development dreams come true, and Interwave Studios has one of its dreams up on the site right now. Their latest title in development is a Metroidvania style platformer called Dark Matter, and thus far it looks pretty…well, pretty. Very pretty.

Work’s been progressing on this title for roughly a year, and the big focus seems to be on environment and lighting effects to convey a sense of urgency and horror. Though not too much has been said about the game’s story, tt looks as if it takes place on a space station of some sorts; your gutsy female protagonist, the Ensign, carries big guns to splatter space bugs all over the walls. This game aims to be a combination platformer and survival horror game, according to this text from the game’s Kickstarter page:

Dark Matter is the game we wanted Metroid and Castlevania to be when we played through those Nintendo classics. Also, it’s the game we wanted Resident Evil and Silent Hill to be, when we suffered through their atrocious controls.

Gameplay’s the big focus in Dark Matter. They’re using dynamic AI to control the actions of the enemies; some will be sensitive to light, others will follow it to track you down. Controls are designed to work with WASD keyboard-and-mouse control schemes to cater to those who don’t have gamepads to hook up to their laptops. And they’re pretty definitely not going to have jumping puzzles. Again, according to the Kickstarter:

One of our design goals was to remove all jumping puzzles. In Dark Matter, your life will never depend on the timing of a jump, or on landing on the right pixel at the end of one. This is not that kind of platformer.

Keep an eye out for a preview of Dark Matter coming up soon right here at GotGame. Interwave’s pretty determined to enhance the 2.5D platformer genre with this new title, and you can be part of making it happen. Learn more about the project and provide your support either on Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight. Or both. We won’t stop you. Hell, it’s free to Greenlight. In the meantime, check out their Kickstarter pitch video.


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