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American McGee’s Spicy Horse launches a new Kickstarter

by on June 25, 2013
Dorothy takes on Scarecrow in OZombie.

Dorothy takes on Scarecrow in OZombie.

Today, Kotaku brought our attention to a new Kickstarter that was launched by American McGee’s Spicy Horse.

This Kickstarter places you in the role of Dorothy, and one of the things you’ll be going up against is an old friend from The Wizard of Oz, namely Scarecrow. As Dorothy, it will be up to you, Tinman, and Lion to take down Scarecrow and his army of undead.

Currently, the Kickstarter in question is simply showcasing art, though it promises to have “an emphasis on role-playing, tactical combat, exploration and story telling”.

The game, called OZombie, showcases Oz as a remote Pacific Island,  and draws inspiration from all of Baum’s Oz works, and not just the popular The Wizard of Oz.

Will Spicy Horse’s Kickstarter reach their $950,000 goal? If so, how, exactly, will the game turn out? What are Scarecrow’s reasons for assembling an army of zombies and fighting Dorothy, Lion, and Tinman?

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