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access_time June 24, 2013 at 8:30 AM in Culture by Ryan Bates

The 2013 E3 Epic Win Awards (part 1)


We’re a week removed from E3 2013, we’ve finally had time to digest what’s been shown and what’s been hidden, and we hope you’ve been enjoying GotGame’s coverage. The crew has been culled, and it’s time to showcase the best (and worst!) of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Welcome to part 1 of the 2013 E3 Epic Win Awards!


We’ll break down the awards in five parts this year:
Monday: The show itself

Tuesday: What the gamers want (and don’t want)

Wednesday: Genre awards – part 1

Thursday: Genre awards – part 2

Friday: The “Full of Win” best of show awards


Without further ado, the envelopes, please…


EpicWinTrophyBest Pre-E3 Conference

And the Epic Win goes to… Sony.


This year, it’s almost like there was a custom-built success plan for everyone at E3. All anyone had to do was point out how they’re not Microsoft or Xbox One, and they got an instant thumbs-up. Sadly, no one informed Microsoft of this strategy.

While everyone could utilize the not-MS strategy, it was another of the Big Three who caught on the best. Not only did Sony catch that ball, they ran with it, scored a big touchdown with all the game content, landed that extra point by coming in at $100 less than Xbox One, and spiked the ball all throughout E3.

Sony even got a chance to do a little showboating:


[jwplayer config=”16_9 NoAutoPlay” mediaid=”85570″]


Sony’s pre-E3 conference got the exact opposite response that Microsoft’s did that morning, and that’s just how they wanted it.


Honorable Mention: Microsoft (presumably for showmanship?)



Most Overused Buzzword

Every year, there’s a word or phrase that seems to be a running joke: how many times can we get this in without people noticing? Or a phrase that does well at one showing and everyone else tries to ride on it. For example, last year’s word that became a running joke amongst the GotGame crew was “revolutionize.” Everything was “revolutionary,” and would “revolutionize” its genre/system/etc. This year, we decided to create a category for it: Most Overused Buzzword. Though, like “Biggest Flop,” this isn’t necessarily one of our better categories to win.


EpicFailTrophyAnd the Epic Fail goes to… digital rights management.




DRM… when we heard the words “digital rights management,” nothing good was coming behind it. It was either coming from parties like Microsoft who swore that were not DRM and simply anti-piracy measures (because gamers don’t actually own the $60 physical disks they pay good money for), or it was coming from conspiracy theorists who said that DRM was actually a way for government to spy on us via Kinect. It was the buzzword no one wanted to talk about but everyone did, and towards the end it was just a joke.

Nobody is for piracy; it takes money away from the developers – the real developers – who want nothing more than to make a good game and have it be profitable at the same time, and it kills the creative process, relying on people working more on anti-piracy than putting efforts into game development. Digital rights management, however, doesn’t focus on the bad guys, punishes the legitimate consumer, and does little to curb the problem.


Honorable Mention: “second screen experience,” “open world”


EpicWinTrophyBest Booth

And the Epic Win goes to… Capcom.


Not only did Capcom have a lot of great games to showcase and plenty of room to do it in, they had a witness stand where you could take your picture with Phoenix Wright, DuckTales karaoke, and zombies. Win, win, and win (as long as they don’t eat my brains).



Honorable Mention: EA


Hottest Booth Babes (Male or Female)

Booth Babes (and yes, men can be Babes at E3) are the equivalent of beauty pageant winners in the gaming world. Ask them any questions, and they’re probably as dim as a burnt-out lightbulb (with the exception of Razer, who actually knew quite a bit). But their job is not to be the source of knowledge; their job is to attract your attention so you look at the goods… and what the booth is showcasing. And companies hire them because it works. Even I, while I pride myself on not succumbing to their wiles, get an occasional case of whiplash now and then due to Booth Babes.


EpicWinTrophyAnd the Epic Win goes to… NYKO Accessories.



NYKO wins because this:

Jess Sylvia


Honorable Mention: Namco Bandai, Snail USA.




  • Ramon Aranda June 24, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    Down with DRM!

    • Andrew Kent June 24, 2013 at 10:48 AM

      Aw…but we all know that Open World was the most used!

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