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Nintendo fans petition for Wii U and 3DS region locks to end

by on June 24, 2013
Movement to end Nintendo region locking begins.

Movement to end Nintendo region locking begins.

As reported on Kotaku yesterday, a new movement in the vein of the NoPS4DRM and NoXboxOneDRM has recently started. The target? Nintendo.

Fans of Nintendo are hoping to get the company to end region locking on their newest consoles, the 3DS and Wii U. Perhaps it should be noted that the Nintendo DS was region-free, allowing gamers to import games from other regions if they wished to play titles before they were released in their region (or even play titles that wouldn’t be released in said region at all).

Fans are utilizing Miiverse, as well as various gaming boards, to get the petition to spread. There is a chance of success, as Nintendo is reportedly bringing the classic game Earthbound to the virtual console specifically because of how many fans requested it in Miiverse.

Will Nintendo give in to the wishes of their fans? Or will the 3DS and Wii U remain region locked?

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