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Kid gets Mario face shaved into the back of his head

by on June 24, 2013
Kid gets Mario's face shaved into his head.

Kid gets Mario’s face shaved into his head.

As reported yesterday on Geekologie, a kid has decided to show his devotion to one of Nintendo’s beloved characters, namely Mario. How? By getting the character’s face shaved into the back of his head.

The Mario face is impressive, as is the barber’s skill. The kid did not answer when asked why he decided to go the route of shaving the iconic plumber into the back of his head, but one guesses that it is at least partly because he is too young to get a more permanent method (namely a tattoo) of the character.

 The kid may have wanted to just be different, or he may have wanted to trumpet his undying love for Nintendo and/or Mario. Whatever the case, the devotion of the child and the skill of the barber are to be commended.

What does his parents think of  the decision to get Mario shaved into his head?  Did they support it, or oppose?

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