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access_time June 24, 2013 at 9:41 AM in News by Dragos Dobre

Bulletstorm ex-developer defends Xbox One’s DRM



It’s not the first time we see this kind of reaction from a former developer. A few weeks ago, Cliff Bleszinski, ex-developer for Epic Games, made a one-man campaign on Twitter supporting Xbox One’s DRM policies. In one of his tweets he also mentioned that Sony is taking us for fools and they company is more than sure preparing something like Xbox One’s DRM in the near future.

Today, Adrian Chmielarz co-founder of The Aatronauts and former People Can Fly creative director, has written an editorial for Edge Magazine in which he defended the Xbox One DRM policies. You will be able to read the full article below, but I’ll try to summarize it for you.

Chmielarz stated that “If you care about video games, you must want this model to die,” and this means that if we really care about video games, we should ditch the old retail system and get all into digital distribution. He also said that this is how the aritificial extenders, DLCs and filter content were born. Nowadays, developers going over their head in order to make customers to keep the games, but extending them, cutting them in DLCs and much more other things.

He may be wrong or right, but I’ll let each one of you decide by reading the full article below.

Thanks, Edge!


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