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Pachter: Xbox One will match PS4 sales – or Microsoft will drop the price

by on June 20, 2013


Infamous analyst Michael Pachter believes that the Xbox One will match the sales of the PlayStation 4, according to Videogamer.

After the news yesterday that Microsoft were scrapping their plans for DRM and always-on requirements, Pachter believes that the issue will now revolve around the pricing of the units saying, “As far as today’s announcement, we think that gamers will rejoice, and the focus will shift from Microsoft’s onerous policies to the price differential between the Xbox One (at $499) and the PS4 (at $399).”

Pachter also thinks that Microsoft would be willing to announce a price drop as early as next year if sales are slow. He said, “If we are wrong, we think that Microsoft is prepared to lower price next year.”

With six months to go before the consoles are released it seems that the choices between the two will be down largely to games – rather than the companies policies – something which can only be good for gamers.

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