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Square Enix registers Occult Maiden and Star Ocean trademarks

by on June 19, 2013


Square Enix renews Star Ocean and Occult Maiden trademarks.

Square Enix renews Star Ocean and Occult Maiden trademarks.

Siliconera reported today that Square Enix recently registered the trademarks for both Occult Maiden and Star Ocean.

While it may be true that trademarks become renewed all the time, Siliconera points out that Square Enix typically only does so right before they utilize said trademark. They even provide an example in the form of Drag-on Dragoon (for those unaware, this is Drakengard’s Japanese title). Square Enix renewed the Drag-on Dragoon trademark earlier this year, then quickly announced Drakengard 3.

With these trademark renewals, Star Ocean fans are wondering how, exactly, they will continue the Star Ocean universe after the plot twist of Till the End of Time. People are also wondering how the upcoming Occult Maiden will turn out, and even what it will become.

Will a new Star Ocean prequel be announced? What will Occult Maiden be, exactly? What new (or old) tricks does Square Enix have in store for the upcoming games?

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