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Nintendo making Steel Diver a free-to-play game for Wii U

by on June 19, 2013


According to IGN, Nintendo is planning on making Steel Diver a free-to-play game for the Wii U.

The original game first appeared as a Nintendo 3DS launch title and Shigeru Miyamoto told the outlet at E3 that the company will be using the IP with a F2P model.

“There is something we’re doing with the Steel Diver idea that I think is going to open things up with that game… It’s going to be very fun. We’re exploring from a perspective of where we can take that from a multiplayer standpoint – it’s going to have this four-player battle mode that I think is going to be very interesting,” Miyamoto said.

Miyamoto added that the concept of the game was still being decided but that it could end up including either some form of membership or micro-transaction type fee for additional content.

“It’s something that we’re hoping to be able to show relatively soon,” Miyamoto stated.

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