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access_time June 18, 2013 at 1:25 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

Sony: We’re most concered about the consumer, we really need to appeal to consumers worldwide

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Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, has been talking about why Sony are allowing used games on their platform and why they won’t enforce an always-on requirement to the PlayStation 4.

Tretton was speaking to Bloomberg TV and said that the decisions were made to make the console as consumer friendly as possible. With many places around the globe lacking a high speed broadband structure an always-on requirement would retrict consumers, Tretton says, before elaborating, “”We’re most concerned about the consumer. And we really appeal to consumers on a worldwide basis.”

Sony’s other main praise at E3 came from their position on used games. Again Tretton stated that this decision was made with consumers in mind, saying that the ability to trade and resell titles added value to the initial purchase stating, “if people pay a lot of money for that, they equate the value with the flexibility they have in that.”

He continued, “To do with it as they choose; to give it to their friends, sell it to their friends, trade it in to another retailer; that creates value in the initial purchase that they make.””

This attitude won many plaudits at E3 and if Sony continue to make the right noises until the PS4 launch then the consumer-led approach may well pay off.

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