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access_time June 18, 2013 at 4:52 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

Sony confirms that first-party PlayStation 4 games will be $59.99

Sony confirms price of first-party PlayStation 4 games.

Sony confirms price of first-party PlayStation 4 games.

I reported earlier (via Kotaku) that Microsoft confirmed that the price for Xbox One first-party titles would remain at $59.99, and yesterday, Shacknews reported that Sony would be following suit.

That’s right, gaming in the upcoming generation will not become more expensive, at least from first-party developers.  There is still the possibility that it will become a bit more expensive overall, however, as thus far onlyMicrosoft and Sony have confirmed their prices.

To be specific, it is possible, though it seems rather unlikely, that third-party developers will opt for a higher price point than the two first-party developers. If so, then gamers may cause a bit of a backlash, as first-party and third-party titles have usually cost the same throughout the console generations.

Even if the cost of developing games is higher, however, it is my belief that all developers will price the games at the same. The reason why is simple: If games do cost more to develop and companies don’t make as much of a profit, they could likely recoup losses through paid downloadable content.

What do you think? Will third-party developers indeed keep the same prices as the first-party developers? Or will they increase the prices of their games by a bit?


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