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access_time June 16, 2013 at 7:51 AM in Culture by Tony

The Halo 4 UM: #4



Hey there readers! Here’s another edition of the Halo 4UM, where all the discussion is Halo 4—my personal favorite at the moment, especially as a forger wielding Forge Island. But after E3, expectations can only go further and further up, sailing higher than ever with each new installment in the beloved franchise. So let’s have a rant.

The Weapon Tuning was almost entirely ineffective. Sure, the Carbine has seen worse days, but the Suppressor still does little damage without close range, and the Saw still does far too much damage. The lightrifle remains utterly hopeless against its human equivalents, and the Gauss Hog is still an unusually formidable reckoning.

Oh, and by the way? That boltshot should be outlawed. It’s absolutely ridiculous how powerful that weapon is. Players are essentially beginning with a shotgun. It should have its own advantages and unique play compared to the plasma pistol or magnum, but not a one-hit KO. The very idea is absurd.

The Join-in-progress system I’ve already complained about—but this time, I provide a possible solution to taking five whole minutes just to join a lost cause: the Forfeit option. I believe instead of being able to leave games at all, players should be able to vote for a forfeit. If more than half the team forfeits, the game ends. It’s clear when you’re getting wiped across the board. Not that I’d know anything about that, of course. Ahem.

And lastly, let’s go ahead and add a permanent Community Forges slot to the mix. It’s clear that it’s possible, but with some of the miraculous skill that’s out there, you’d think it’d be easier to include them. It creates a great sense of community and support.

But instead of the category randomly putting up different gametypes to vote for, why not stream the maps appropriately in the system? That way, players still get to play what they want. If you want Slayer, and not Oddball, you can’t get out-voted into one or the other. You’d be under the Slayer category, where the CF would be available to vote for. If you want CTF, go to CTF, and a Community Forge will be vote-able there. What is it, 343? Jealous? 343 is playing with my emotions on this whole community thing.


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