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access_time June 15, 2013 at 5:42 PM in News by Ryan Bates

NYKO leads the charge with Smart Clip, docking stations for eighth-gen


That moment when you pick up a saved game right before a boss, ready to do battle, and… Dead batteries. Epic fail.

We’ve all gone through it before. The disappointment felt when a controller goes out throws off your whole gameplay experience. Suddenly instead of searching for treasure or Easter Eggs, Xbox 360 and Wii gamers are searching for batteries instead, and Sony and Wii U players are searching for something else to do while their controllers charge.

NYKO has been leading the charge (pun intended) against poor battery life, and they’re carrying their power (intended again) to the eighth-generation with the newest rendition of their famous charge bases with the Charge Base ONE and the Charge Base for PlayStation 4.

86100 Charge Base 83200 Charge Base

Building off their popular Charge Base 360, the Charge Base ONE is designed for function as well as aesthetics. Using rechargeable battery packs, the Charge Base ONE charges both controllers simultaneously so players will always have a full charge when preparing to game. The Charge Base for PlayStation 4, which works with mini-USB cables, won’t have rechargeable batteries but will use NYKO’s patented dongle system, which will plug in to the controller then seamlessly connect into the docking base for easy charging and storage.

NYKO also has options for Wii and Wii U players. Introduced last year, the Charge Station U simultaneously charges the GamePad and two Wii remotes all in one organized base. For those who prefer the Pro Controller, the Charge Base Pro utilizes NYKO’s dongle system to charge two Pro Controllers at once.

83201 Smart Clip 86102 Smart Clip

NYKO’s greatest innovation at this year’s E3 though might not be one of their top-of-the-line chargers. It might be as simple as a clip.

The Smart Clip for the PlayStation 4 and Smart Clip ONE for the Xbox One clips securely to their respective controllers to hold smart phones of all sizes, including Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. Gamers will no longer need to fumble for a smart phone or tablet while gaming to find walkthroughs, FAQs, or finding codes. With second-screen experiences being all the rage in the eighth-gen, players will have the PlayStation App or Smart Glass ready at their fingertips. Smart Clips has a suggested retail price of $14.99 and will be available at console launch.

NYKO also has a full range of controllers for current-gen systems as well as the Pro Commander for the Wii U, the Playpad Pro 2 and Playpad Pro Media for tablets and smartphones, and several accessories for the NVIDIA SHIELD, the ambitious Android project launched at E3 by NVIDIA. SHIELD accessories include controllers, hard and soft cases, and a SHIELD Dock which can mirror the SHIELD image to players’ TVs while charging, turning it into a portable home console as well.

Gamers looking to add tools to their play can shop all of NYKO’s products at http://www.nyko.com.


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