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access_time June 14, 2013 at 7:12 PM in Microsoft by Charlie Grammer

DuckTales HD’s changes will be mostly good

DuckTales HD is 60% the same, 40% different.

DuckTales HD is 60% the same, 40% different.

Though it is a beloved classic for many gamers, and any change to such a classic is typically considered automatically bad, Kotaku assures us today that the changes should be (mostly) good.

First, the company attempted to ease the minds of gamers. “Everything that was good about the original is still there,” the company stated. They continued on to say that 60% of the game is exactly the same, but there is 40% that is new content.

This new content includes levels (those which felt too short in the original game) that have been extended, as well as giving enemies new abilities. Said the company, “In a couple of spots (in the original NES game), you might run into only one enemy type twice, and there’s really mean enemies, and there’s really mean puzzles there that we wanted to give the player more of that to experience.”

In regards to the enemies themselves, the company stated, “”We didn’t create any new enemies, all the enemies are there, and a couple of them have a few lil’ tricks to them that they didn’t have before—like the skeleton duck leaves a skull behind and that becomes a puzzle mechanic you use…”

Will the upcoming HD remake capture a sense of nostalgia in DuckTales fans? And will these changes be as good as they sound on paper?


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