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access_time June 12, 2013 at 12:58 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

E3 2013: Game Freak explains why Pokemon Red and Blue won’t be seeing a Virtual Console release

Game Freak explains how important connectivity is.

Game Freak explains how important connectivity is.

During the E3 Q&A earlier today, Game Freak spoke of more than just the upcoming games in the popular Pokemon franchise, they also spoke of the original games.

When asked why the original Pokemon games were not on the Virtual Console, Game Freak explained that they always believed Pokemon to be best on a handheld. Said Game Freak, “If we were to put it on virtual console, on the home console, what would you do with the Pokemon you caught? It would be kind of stuck, was one of the concerns we’ve had.”

They continued to speak about how important connectivity between the games is, admitting that the reason the original games are not on Nintendo’s Virtual Console is a combination of believing that they are best on handhelds, and that they are unable to figure out how to make them connect to other handheld games.

What do you believe? Was this just an excuse made up on the spot, or is Game Freak being honest about their reasoning?


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