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access_time June 12, 2013 at 9:00 AM in Xbox by Ryan Bates

E3 2013: Preview | Dead Rising 3 presents a bloody good time


Dead Rising 3 brings Capcom’s zombie survival game to the eighth-generation, and if fans expect camp from the franchise in the Xbox One era, they would be decidedly wrong.

Though story was not expounded upon, the demonstration featured Nick Ramos, a mechanic from Los Perdidos’ Wrench-O-Rama, and some of the land and vehicular gameplay as well as the weapon-building mechanics.

To start, Dead Rising 3 rewards stealthy players. In the zombie game arena, this practically stands as cliché number one, but Dead Rising 3 truly manages this with items and easier routes. Given the choice between heading in a straight line to a gun store or taking sewer tunnels, the less direct route has a mere four or five zombies whereas the direct run features a horde of HOLYCRAPTHAT’SALOT zombies.

Nick can make a weapon out of anything and everything, including bricks, bats, flashlights, firearms, and minivans, used for traveling between parts of the city and splattering undeads all over the sidewalk. And “splattering” defines these zombies. This particular breed of undead is very juicy, and it’s not ketchup coming out their corpses. This is a blood fest, featuring head shots, severed limbs, and sawing the fiends from head to toe in a crimson mess of organs, just what a horror lover would enjoy.


Nick can also combine items he finds into new weapons via a little duct tape, which as any man will tell you is nothing short of miraculous. A flashlight and a handgun becomes a Tactical Handgun. A shotgun and a grenade makes a Boom Cannon. Books will teach Nick improved skill and all your health problems can be solved with a hot dog and a beer, or any unspoiled food and drink players might find.

Though Dead Rising 3 may be more dark and serious than its predecessors, the game still retains some of its sense of humor. If driving in a hearse through a graveyard with the living dead literally rising from their graves were to happen in real life, that would be some scary stuff. But when it happens in Dead Rising 3, well, that’s just pretty awesome.


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