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access_time June 12, 2013 at 12:32 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

E3 2013: Cops were called to shut down the Ouya event

Ouya and ESA continue to battle it out as E3 resumes.

Ouya and ESA continue to battle it out as E3 resumes.

According to an article posted on IGN yesterday, the cops were called out to shut down the Ouya live event that was occurring across the street from E3.

The ESA, in an attempt to get the Ouya event shut down, called the LAPD. The LAPD, after seeing that the permits the Ouya group had were in order, left without taking action.

What caused the ESA to call the police? Earlier in the day, they had rented out the spaces in front of Ouya’s display, and parked several trucks in them. Uhrman felt that this was an attempt to block people from noticing their presence, and decided to retaliate by renting the spots in front of said trucks, using them to display various banners advertising Ouya.

When asked why, Uhrman responded that she feels that Ouya is being unfairly targeted because they decided to go around the ESA in order to attend E3 on their own terms. Said Uhrman, “If ten more trucks show up, we’ll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve.”

Will Ouya and the ESA cooperate, or will the struggles continue throughout the rest of E3?


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