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access_time June 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

You, Me, And E3: Nintendo…meh


This morning it was Nintendo’s turn to show us their stuff. They showed us stuff alright, but very little was going to help them make the Wii U shine.

Nintendo has been in hot water for quite some time now. Their console has not been getting the support it needs due to developers and publishers not quite understanding the true potential of the Wii U. They would rather go with the PS3/PS4 or the Xbox 360/One which are apparently superior in some way, and in some ways they are. However, Nintendo is trying to do more than just improve graphics every console release. They are trying to give gamers a better gaming experience, and that should be recognized.

Unfortunately I am not really excited for any of the titles being released. More Zelda, more Mario, and other titles that Nintendo keeps milking. Albeit these are good franchises, don’t get me wrong, but a good publisher would realize that they need more than just a few good franchises. Nintendo is doing this…somewhat. Yes we are getting some of the already released franchises on the Wii U and some new ones like Bayonetta 2 and Batman: Arkham Origins, but Nintendo needs more third party support. It’s what they were lacking last gen, and they are still lacking it this gen.

Nintendo also needs to show the world really good reasons that graphics aren’t everything. The Wii U is obviously going to be more underpowered than the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of processing power. This is one big disadvantage in their favor since we live in an almost graphics central world. The Wii U could go under if something is not done within the next couple of years.

Sony blew away the whole conference yesterday, nothing could top that. Nintendo came in second, but it was a pretty easy position to win due to Microsoft’s doomed performance. However, there is still going to be impressive support for both Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo, you have a lot going for you and a lot of potential, please don’t let Microsoft show you up in the coming years.


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