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access_time June 11, 2013 at 12:14 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

You, Me, And E3: And the winner is…Kingdom Hearts


TL;DR Sony destroyed Microsoft with Kingdom Hearts.

For those of you who want to boast in the glory some more:

Microsoft was dealt a devastating blow today not only by Sony, but by themselves. Yeah, a “stop hitting yourself” moment except Microsoft was really hitting themselves. I wasn’t impressed by the Microsoft event earlier today, but the Sony press event truly blew myself and others away. Although at first it didn’t seem that way.

The games were pretty OK for the PS4 lineup, nothing that I was too impressed with. Then they dropped the bomb. Yes, Kingdom Hearts III will be becoming to the PS4. Not only that, but the console will have a $400 price point ($100 cheaper than that Xbox One, and $50 more than the Wii U), used games are more than welcome, and the console does NOT require an online connection to check in on you. Another note some people have mentioned is that the PS4 camera does not come included with the package, which they are happy about. Admittedly I was really a big advocator of the Kinect, but Microsoft has just dug too deep…they’ve uncovered something in the dark that should have never seen the light of day. Their DRM can not pass. It shall not pass.

I am seriously stoked for the PS4…mainly because of Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. I have not been this excited for a console…ever. Aside from the aforementioned titles there are other titles, like the indie titles mentioned, that I’m also interested in.

Microsoft, it seems, may not be coming out with a new console after this gen. At least in my opinion anyways. They are going down a path that is good for developers who wish to keep their games off of the used market. However, it’s not good for the consumers who took these developers from nothing and raised them up to be what they are today. This day proves that we as gamers are important. We as a group have the right to enjoy our games without the prosecution that is an always online connection. We are what make a company, if we don’t like the games or the content then we show it.

P.S. Kingdom Hearts GOTY


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