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You, Me, and E3: Microsoft and the wub wubs


A few weeks ago Microsoft revealed their new console: Xbox One. Just recently they clarified a lot about online connection, used games, and other things. Now, here at E3 they have shown us the games that will be coming to the console. Did Microsoft meet the grade? Do they even stand a chance against Sony? Let’s find out.

As you all know by know Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Witcher 3, Dead Rising 3, etc. are all things now. Personally, I’m not excited. Xbox One will be doing the same thing that the Xbox 360 has been doing, just pushing out a lot of shooters. There’s nothing wrong with shooters but when you as a company produce almost nothing but this brand of games, that is when I have issue with you. Now obviously, the crowd was taken by the shiny VHS player today along with the hypnotic wubs, so it’s pretty obvious that they’ve forgotten about all of that bad stuff that Microsoft is doing with the console: Online check every 24 hours, games need a verification code which requires an online connection to verify, friends can’t borrow your game easily, and used games are almost non-existent now for the console. But go on ahead and support a company that is not catering to gamers much anymore. Great job of doing Sony’s PR for them Microsoft.

As for the console itself, it will only cost a meager $500….wait wait WHAT?! $500??? Didn’t Sony try a stunt like that with the PS3? Oh Microsoft…Yes, the console, as you may know, has a $500 price point. This price point certainly does reflect some of the costs…yes. The Kinect is a pretty expensive device and I’m sure that the Xbox One cost a pretty penny too. However when you are basically shoving at us a cesspool of DRM and other evils, the cost is not justifiable…to me at least.

One redeeming factor for Microsoft were the indie titles. Below, Max the Curse of Brotherhood, and Project Spark. All of which looked pretty cool but could have really been much superior on the PC or Sony’s PS4. Be nice to the indie developers Microsoft, they just might save your ass if you try to help, rather than hinder them.

All in all, Microsoft did not kick off this E3 very well. They concentrated too much on overused genres and not enough on original content. They are sticking it really hard to everyone’s wallets with their console’s $500 price point and possibly to their recreation time while they have to fight with an always online connection. Seriously, one of the quotes from Phil Spencer was that the console was “made for the modern ‘CONNECTED’ living room”. Microsoft, you have failed me for the last…time.



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