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access_time June 10, 2013 at 10:30 PM in Features by Josh Boykin

Sony adds insult to Microsoft’s DRM injury

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If you checked out Twitter around the end of the Sony presser you’d see that Microsoft wasn’t trending at all, even after having a press conference of their own this morning. But when Sony comes in at the end of the night showcasing tons of indie games, announcing their lack of DRM, and their $399 price point…well, you can see why they’re so popular. Some might recommend that Sony slow their roll a bit, play the game cautiously between now and the console’s release so they don’t over-extend themselves…

I don’t think that’s the Sony we’re going to be hearing from over the next few months. The Sony that debuted tonight is confident, has the support of gamers, and they’ll be increasing that wave of approval all the way into the holiday season with little videos like this one, submitted to GotGame by reader Karel Mallari:

[jwplayer config=”16_9 NoAutoPlay” mediaid=”83446″]

The video does point out a key change to PSN policy that’ll upset some gamers: online multiplayer will require a Playstation Plus account, when the PS3 allows online multiplayer for free. But that negative seems to be drowned out by cries of approbation…for now.

Keep in mind this is only the first round, gamers. There’s still three days of E3 left to go, and multiple months of time for new punches to land on both sides. Enjoy the contest, ‘cause it’ll be a dirty one.


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