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GotGame Truth Machine: Top 10 Smash Bros U/3DS Candidates

It’s been 5 years since the last Smash game came out, and now we’re only one week away from our first glimpse of the new Smash game.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn stoked.  Obviously, the most exciting aspect of a new fighting game, especially a crossover fighting game, is anticipating new characters.  Who will join Nintendo’s latest fighter?  Here are my top 10 candidates.

Honorable Mentions:

Luigi: Not technically a new character, but Luigi is a character that could use a makeover.  While Luigi plays differently from his older brother, the two share a few two many similarities, and Luigi is a bland character because of it.  To step out of his brother’s shadow, Luigi should don his Poltergust and utilize a moveset featuring his ghost busting skills.

Ganondorf:  Similarly to Luigi, Ganondorf is a character that could certainly use an upgrade.  His moveset is still bizarrely similar to Captain Falcon, and he also is kind of awful.  A moveset that more accurately reflects Ganondorf’s abilities and isn’t awful would be nice.

Miles “Tails” Prowler: I’m not especially keen on having a lot of third party characters, but I have to admit that I’d love to stage a battle between the Mario Bros and Sonic/Tails.

Bayonetta: With Nintendo making Bayonetta an exclusive franchise, it would be interesting to see everyone’s favorite witch in Smash Bros.  I’m not sure Bayonetta would really fit in, but she’d at least be a unique character.

Impa (Skyward Sword):  It’s been well over a decade since Zelda’s crossdressing days, and I think the time has come to replace Zelda’s Ocarina of Time inspired incarnation with an updated version which does not transform into Sheik.  Impa could inherit Sheik’s moveset while Zelda could use a new and more effective moveset.

Krystal:  The Smash series could use some females, and the Starfox series could use a new character that is more markedly different than Fox.  Krystal could fit the bill with a staff based moveset derived from Star Fox Adventures.

Others: To prevent this section from going on forever, I’ll just throw in a few more.  Erica (Fire Emblem), Chase McCain (Lego City Undercover) Fighter Kirby/Knuckle Joe, Isaac (Golden Sun), Saki (Sin and Punishment), Dixie Kong, Female Pokemon Trainer (with X/Y starters).

10. Toad

Poor Toad.  At one point, he was standing tall alongside Mario and Luigi.  He aided them in their quest, he battled Birdos, and he chucked turnips.  After his moment in the sun, Toad was relegated to working in item shops, giving tutorials, and getting lost in haunted houses. While his blue and yellow counterparts have aided Mario in recent quests, the original Toad has been MIA for a while.  Despite his fall from grace, Toad is still one of the biggest Nintendo characters who has yet to be represented in Nintendo’s fighting franchise.  Besides, I’d like to have a battle between the four characters of Super Mario Bros 2.

In terms of movesets, Toad is hardly the most interesting character.  He could utilize some variation of Princess Peach’s turnip pluck, and he may also be able to counter attacks with spores.  Other than that, Toad would focus on quick attacks with his stumpy little body.  Toad may not wind up as the most powerful character, but based on seniority alone, he deserves a chance to throw fists.

9.  Takamaru

We all love seeing highly recognizable characters characters from our favorite games throwing fists in the Smash Bros franchise, but Smash has also been a way to revitalize franchises and see long forgotten faces.  I don’t know if we’d be playing fire emblem games in the US if not for Marth’s inclusion in Melee, and we may not have had Kid Icarus Uprising if not for Pit’s inclusion in Brawl.  No entry in the series would truly be complete without offering us a forgotten blast from the past, and Takamaru should fit the bill for the next Smash game.

Who is Takamaru?  Takamaru is an alien fighting samurai warrior from an obscure Japanese only game.  The game in question, Nazo no Murasame-jō, was essentially a mix of the original Legend of Zelda and Ninja Gaiden.  Takamaru (sort of) made his US debut in Nintendo Land.  While Takamaru himself did not show up in the game, one of Nintendo Land’s attractions were named for the forgotten warrior.

The Smash series has its fair share of swordsmen, but Takamaru could focus on quicker and less forceful sword play than his opponents.  Along with a variety of ninja weapons, Takamaru could be a good hit and run character.

8.  Geno

Before Squaresoft (at the time) and Nintendo had a famous falling out, Square and Nintendo collaborated to work on Super Mario RPG.  Super Mario RPG was a unique blend of the platforming and RPG genres, and the game offered a lighter take on the often melodramatic and stodgy RPG genre.  While Super Mario RPG spawned the awesome Super Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi franchises, there are still many gamers who long for a direct sequel to Super Mario RPG.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a direct sequel to Super Mario RPG, Nintendo could give a nod to fans of the SNES classic by adding a character from the game to the next Smash game.  While I’ve always been more of a Mallow fan, Geno is the more popular of Super Mario RPG’s 2 mages.  With a variety of flashy special moves and a distinct look, Geno would make a great addition to the Smash franchise and a great tribute to a game that helped spawn two incredibly successful franchises for Nintendo.

7.  Fiora

Spoilers for Xenoblade follow.  You’ve been warned.

Xenoblade is one of the best new franchises to come from Nintendo in recent years, and it’s also one of the finest RPGs released in recent memory.  With Nintendo looking to turn the series into a AAA franchise, Nintendo needs some added exposure, and a character in Smash Bros would help draw attention to the world of Xenoblade.

Out of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk is the most obvious choice for a playable character.  However, I feel that Smash Bros already has enough sword fighters.  It’s hard to imagine Shulk distinguishing himself from Marth and Ike, and his trademark ability to see the future isn’t easily woven into gameplay.  Fiora’s daggers and assorted weaponry would make for a unique fighting style, and her hybrid woman/machine body offers visual flair.

There are some other candidates from Xenoblade.  Shulk would be the obvious choice if the development team could differentiate him from other fighters. Melia’s combat style also would make her an interesting choice for Smash Bros.  Summoning different elements with each special would fit well in the Smash franchise.  Alternatively, Nintendo can use a character from the upcoming Xenoblade sequel, but that game doesn’t exist yet, so I can’t rightly say who from that game would belong in Smash.

6. Wolf Link and Midna

For Zelda fans, Midna holds a special place in our hearts.  Not only is Midna perhaps the only Zelda sidekick not to be annoying as hell, but she actually added to the game.  Outside of the main cast of the Zelda franchise, Midna is the best character from series to add to Smash.

Midna would ride to battle on her faithful steed, Wolf Link.  The distinct hybrid of four legged wolf and tiny two legged imp would make for a character unlike any in the world of Smash.  With a combination of furry fury and twilight magic, Midna and Wolf Link would make for an incredibly fun character.  For a Final Smash, Midna could bust out the Fused Shadow or utilize her true form to combine brawn and beauty.

5.  Mewtwo

Maybe this one is kind of cheating.  Mewtwo has crossed paths with Mario, Link, Kirby and co. before in Smash Bros. Melee, but was unceremoniously replaced with the much less awesome Lucario.  It seems like Mewtwo is set for something of a revival in Pokemon X and Y where he’ll receive a new form.  Perhaps then, the time is right for Mewtwo to return to the world of Smash.

Metwo’s moveset from Melee could be brought over to the next Smash with a few alterations.  Namely, Metwo could use more effective special moves as well a bit more power on some of his aerial attacks.  Mewtwo would also benefit from stealing some of Lucario’s range.  Even after generations and generations of Pokemon games, Mewtwo remains one of the best and most recognizable Pokemon, and I’d like to see him return to the ring.

4.  Lady Palutena

Tags: Anime, Kid Icarus, Palutena

The last Smash Bros. game helped launch a comeback for every Nintendo fan’s favorite angel.  After Smash Bros. Brawl, series creator Masahiro Sakurai worked on Kid Icarus: Uprising which was a fantastic revival for Pit.  Perhaps the best element of Kid Icarus: Uprising was its strong cast of characters.  The running commentary between the game’s characters is frequently hilarious and charming.  The two stars of the show are Pit and Palutena.  The two characters offered endless amusement throughout Kid Icarus’ campaign, and I’d love to see the two reunite in Smash.

*Minor spoilers* Palutena does battle in Kid Icarus: Uprising, so her moves can be taken from that game.  Personally, I’d rather see Palutena access some of the weapons Pit uses in the game such as claws, clubs, orbitars, and arms.  This would give Palutena a unique set of moves while allowing Pit to focus on his trademark bow.

3. Little Mac

Little Mac is one of the oldest and most popular Nintendo characters not to be featured as a playable Smash character.  The plucky boxer who fights far above his weight class has been around since the NES era with his most recent game being an addictive as crack Wii boxing game.  While Little Mac made his way into Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist trophy, but longtime fans would like to see him as a fully fleshed out character.

Little Mac would be a natural fit for the Smash franchise and would obviously utilize a variety of punches, dodges, and counters to best his opponents.  His muscled up Gig Mac form would make for a fun final Smash.  Hopefully, we could see Giga Mac fight Giga Bowser and Little Mac could *spoiler* have a rematch against Donkey Kong (who kicked my ass more times than I care to admit in Punch-Out!!!)

2.  Mii

Whether you like them or not, these limbless little guys have become nearly as iconic as Mario himself within the world of Nintendo.  Miis have made their way into many of Nintendo’s top franchises like New Super Mario Bros U and Mario Kart.  It makes sense for one of Nintendo’s most popular creations to join their all star cast of characters.

How would Miis work in Smash Bros?  Well, there are two options.  Firstly, the developers could draw from the various Mii games we’ve seen.  Miis could attack with fencing swords from Wii Sports Resort, chuck bowling balls, ride Segways, chuck bowling balls, or utilize jetpacks.  Miis have been very prominent since 2006 and have many potential moves to work with.

Alternatively, and more interestingly, Miis could be used as create a characters.  Through the game’s single player mode, players could unlock accessories such as Samus’ arm cannon, Link’s sword, Mario’s hat, and so on.  These assorted items would grant the Mii abilities and moves to be used in battle.  This mode could be a huge feature in the next Smash game, particularly in the 3DS version which will rely more heavily on its single player modes.

1. Mega Man

Mega Man may not be a Nintendo character, but there are few characters in Nintendo’s roster that would fit into the game as well as the Blue Bomber.  Over the years, Mega Man has become something of a retro gaming icon.  Mega Man is one of the few characters out there with the longevity of Mario or Link, and he has strong ties to the Nintendo brand.  Mega Man is certainly a more worthy combatant than many of the characters already in the Smash franchis *cough* Ice Climbers *cough*.
Including Mega Man in the next Smash game would be a good decision for several reasons.  For one thing, it would make fans happy.  Mega Man was one of the most requested third party characters for Smash Bros. Brawl.  For Capcom, Smash Bros would present a great marketing opportunity.  It’s no secret that Mega Man has been floundering lately, and appearing in one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises would be a great way to introduce the character to new audiences.  Nintendo would also benefit by strengthening their relationship with Capcom.

Last but not least, Mega Man would be easy to implement in a fighting game such as Smash.  Over the years, Mega Man has acquired dozens and dozens of moves that could potentially be used in the Smash universe, and he could also steal moves from his opponents Kirby style.  There are tons of reasons why Mega Man would be great for Brawl, and few reasons not to include everyone’s favorite robot in the festivities.  Hopefully, Capcom and Nintendo can work together to make this happen.  Oh, and don’t pull that bad box art crap again.  Wasn’t even funny the first time.

Those are my choices for the next entry of Smash, but I’m only one man.  Who would you like to see in the next Smash game?  Let me know @GotGameJustin on Twitter.  We’ll get our first glimpse of Smash in just a week so GET HYPED!


  • Ramon Aranda June 6, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Geno, Little Mac and Mega Man would be sick.

  • Ryan Bates June 6, 2013 at 9:08 AM

    MegaMan you run into the problem of the “vs. Capcom” series, so I don’t think they’d give that up. I was actually just working on a Top X of this list.

  • mynameisblade October 6, 2013 at 7:56 AM

    King K rool…of course should be in this game. It is time Donkey Kong get his due villian like every other Nintendo character (that matters)

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