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Microsoft cancels roundtable with media for E3

by on June 5, 2013



The Xbox One has not been getting a lot of good press since its unveiling a few weeks ago. Microsoft representatives have been all over the place about DRM, always online, used games, and many other things about the console. Gamers could lose faith in the company if something is not done about these numerous questions. With E3 coming next week Microsoft has a chance to redeem themselves, but it seems instead they are taking two steps backwards.

According to Steve Tilley, a media reporter from the Sun, Microsoft will not be having the usual media roundtable after their press conference.

Microsoft has cancelled its E3 post-press conference roundtable with the media. Not sure what to make of that.

On Tilley’s twitter, he claims to have heard this from a PR agency but no real evidence has surfaced as of yet. Microsoft could lose a good amount of footing in the console race if they don’t come out strong next week.


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