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access_time June 5, 2013 at 9:31 AM in News by Tyler Colp

EA retiring Mass Effect Datapad app [UPDATE: EA Responds]

MassEffect3DatapadUpdate: An EA representative got back to us with a reason for pulling the app: “The app hasn’t been working correctly so we’ve taken it down so as to not have any additional users download a broken app …” She also mentioned that users don’t have to be logged into their EA Origin account to view the codex entries on the N7HQ website.

The reviews for the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app, an iOS-only app that let users read about the game’s fictional history, interact with its characters, and increase their Galactic Readiness rating, holds many complaints about it being broken and in need of updating. Publisher Electronic Arts won’t be fixing anything, instead, it announced, for no given reason, it will be taking down the app sometime today.

Through our testing, the app’s Galactic Readiness minigame works fine, contrary to what some of the reviews from other users on the App Store claim. The news feed, however, does not work as the other reviewers mention several times.

The app’s most talked-about feature, the codex, is still functional. But when the app is taken down, the only way to read codex entries outside of the game will be through the N7HQ website, which, obviously, doesn’t work offline like the app.

We’ve contacted EA about why it’s decided to take the app down, and we’ll update the post should it respond.

Source: Electronic Arts


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